GDPR Staff Awareness International


The course provides you and your staff with key facts about the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation.The GDPR online Course is suitable for all services that hold personal data in and outside of the EU. You should be able to equip yourself and your staff with the information they need to make a significant stride towards compliance. The course enables you to comprehend the key aspects of GDPR that affect the organization along with their risks and opportunities.

This E-learning course provides a comprehensive overview of how the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation protects your privacy rights, and enshrines your responsibilities in the workplace. It also provides guidelines on keeping your personal data safe.

Course Topics

    • Introduction to GDPR
    • Principles of the GDPR
    • Rights
    • Responsibilities

Supported Devices

    • PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone


    • 30 minutes


    • Online (Mobile Friendly)