Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

Currently we support SCORM 1.2 packages in zip format. The packages can be complete, meaning they include all assets, or they can be remotely served up as long as they are structured in a "Dispatch" or "Relay" format. If you need assistance uploading your content contact us or by calling (800) 859-8639 and selecting option 1.

Currently on Roadmap: Within Course Container you can upload video and/or PowerPoint presentations. With video, the original file will be transcoded into multiple formats so that it is compatible with various desktop and mobile devices. You can then select the completion requirements for the video and publish. The video will be published in a SCORM 1.2 format. PowerPoint presentations are encoded into an HTML 5 format. You can select completion requirements and then publish to SCORM 1.2 format.

Yes, Course Container supports versioning at the content level, so you can update the version of a given piece of content and it will not affect the deployment whether you have 1 or a thousand to any and all users. Existing users stay in the current version whereas new users will receive the updated content.

Course Container (CC) is an enterprise cloud solution that uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 buckets and Cloudfront Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host and stream all content. Using this infrastructure allows for fast and consistent content delivery to users throughout the world.

The analytics in Course Container are near real time meaning when a user launches a course or completes it in their LMS Course Container will be notified. You have access to this information through the dashboard and reports. All reports are also available for download in Excel format.

LMS Username and LMS User ID, along with details on the user's stats in a course, when they launched it, how many times, where did they launch it from and other date/time specifics. You have access to this information through the dashboard and reports. All reports are also available for download in Excel format.

This is the million dollar question when dealing with SCORM courses. Course Container is very flexible in how it accepts course content packages, and how it creates the resulting package you load into your or your customer's LMS. As long as your content is in a package that supports SCORM 1.2 then Course Container will take care of the rest.

Within Course Container there is a "Preview" feature for each content item uploaded. The preview function will display the content if it was in the correct format and were no errors during the upload. However if the course was not created/developed correctly then the course should be updated in it's authoring environment and a new version should be uploaded.

Billing Questions

With self-service accounts we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. For White Label Site Options and custom services work terms will be noted in the statement of work / license agreemnt..

All packages come with a recurring subscription unless otherwise cancelled.

Yes, we do not start your billing cycle until 30 days after you select the plan.

When the 30 day trial period ends you will be automatically invoiced for your first month's subscription based on the plan selected.